Time Distortion

Time Distortion

Time distortion is where users feel unaware of how much time has passed. Time distortion is also having people
think about a time in the future and his or her feelings for a special somebody. For eexample of a time distortion

‘There was this girl I met over the Internet who would only respond once in a while, making me wait as long as
two weeks for a reply if any at all. At one point I decided to put a stop to it. I wrote her the following little

‘I know that right now it’s hard for anyone to recognize when they meet the person they want to share their
lives with, especially with the overload of information and male congestion on the Internet. But sometimes I think
that Mother Nature provides food for every little bird in this world but that doesn’t mean it will drop it in its
nest. People are the same way. Then you smile and tell her to trust her heart even if her mind says no, because
there was a time when a young man was desperately trying to get your attention but for some reason he could not
find his way into your heart.

Just before you decided to put an end to his misery he wrote one compelling letter straight from his heart and
that’s when you knew he was the man who deserved your love. Your mind was still not convinced but you decided to
let things happen at least for the sake of finding out for sure. Though it wasn’t immediate, your heart and mind
surrendered to the power of love. Had I given up at first we wouldn’t be here talking about matters of the heart my
dear girl, for that young man was none other but your grand daddy.

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