Dealing with Resistance

Dealing with Resistance

Resistance is state of mind in which people like to hold back the thoughts or try to sidestep the important
topics which are sophisticated. From psychological point of view the definition of resistance is whatever disrupts
the advancement of analytic work. It can result from some kind of fear and confusion. The main objective of dealing
with resistance is to overcome the tendency of avoiding yourself from the truth. It is something people do in most
of the scenarios that they try to run away from themselves.

There are many ways to deal with resistance. Over time, many experts have advised many ways to follow to
overcome the resistance. The major approaches to deal with the resistance are, work on yourself, and analyze
yourself. Before it go through some relaxation procedure which will able to stable the mind and the thinking
process. For this purpose, meditation sort of approaches can be followed. Then you always need to speak out your
own observations, insights, prospects, rationale and the needs. You need to be clear about the actual state of
yours and desired state you want to achieve. You always need to clear to yourself and your want. It will be merely
a loss to cheat on you; here you are the one who is being stab bed.

Inside your head you should always have a precise idea of the perception. You should be alarmed awls by the
resistance in you, so that you can act according to the situation. Gradually by this, one day you will be an expert
in dealing with resistance. You should also take a close look of your own behavior during these types of situation.
It will give a vivid view of your inner side. So it will help you to know yourself and deal with resistance

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