Ride On a Magic Carpet

Ride On a Magic Carpet

For some people the biggest part of their thinking is consisted of a feeling deprivation- gosh, I could have
done that! , I wish I could be there and all these types of stuffs. Among these sorts of capricious thoughts the
most common one is the wish to ride on a magic carpet. We know the fact that these are not ever possible but we
keep thinking about it because these depravations and whimsical thoughts give us an exceptional and refreshing
pleasure. Based on this we build hope and expect to change our life where we all master over all the odds of

Ride on a magic carpet is one of the most commonly shared dreams by the children. Mainly it is triggered by the
cartoon Aladdin, where we watch him fighting with the evil and doing a lot of courageous stuffs with the help of
the magic carpet. He also has a magic pot with him, from where after rubbing a Jinnee appears and fulfills the
wishes. All though our life we have been associating with these kinds of dreams and picture our life much happier
than the existing one.

We always have a list of things ready before we think of ride on a magic carpet. Exactly this list and this
magic carpet are metaphors of two aspects of life. The list represents the unmet needs of our life and the magic
carpet resembles a big breakthrough. Riding on magic carpet we will be able to explore the world where there will
be no unmet need, no odd, and no sorrow. After riding on the carpet there will be no dream left incomplete and no
human will be deprived of their rights. After this life will be a much better place for us, thats what we

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