Ride in a Space Ship

Ride in a Space Ship

Space ship, from the very childhood we have uttered these word for thousand times. Most of the childhood dreams
are being developed based on this space ship. We will one day ride in the space ship and go to another space- that
was the dream for most of the children. Still todays lot of children see the same dream. A Lot of cartoons, movies
and books are created based on this special ride. The only difference between these two times is that once it was
dream for the whole earth and now it is a possible one.

The same dream that many people keep watching in their childhood also continue it in their adult. May be not
severely like one on the childhood, but though they see. The people who first took ride in space ship started with
a dream and hope. Years of handworks and researches have made the dream come true. Indifferent countries space
ships are known as various names. This naming also is based on the location where it heads through. For example, in
America some of the space ships names are Apollo Space craft, space shuttle etc. Some of the earth orbits are
Sputnik1 which is world first satellite and in the Sputnik2 for the first time a dog was send. The first man
to ride in a space ship was Yuri Gagarin.

There has been a glorious history set by men to ride in space ship. But it is never been an easy job. It needs
years of rigorous practice and a lot of risks are associated with this. Though before each project there have a lot
of researches, risks are never being completely shed because there are always technical issues and tiny change in
gravity, time span can cause the whole space ship and the lives.

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