Living Life On Cloud Nine

Living Life On Cloud Nine

Living life Cloud nine stands for passing life in utter happiness where their will be no sign of sorrow and
distress. Happiness will be the one only thing that will exist here. Cloud nine is also the name of worlds one most
the most wonderful places which is in the Surigao Island, Philippines. May be the phrase stated earlier has been
derived from this. Living in this place will be most people desired dream. This place is best known for its Cloud
Nine break.

Every man has a desire to lead the life of their own. This is the urge for which people struggle all through the
life. They also try to figure out the best possible way to lead a life in which they will have complete control.
They are in the manager of their life and of their happiness too. That is why they work hard all the day, just to
have some happy moments. It is like just like being in cloud nine. People have different meaning of happiness. For
some one it is all about money, some others think it is about power and some other people get happiness within the
near ones.

The later category is the people who lead the life of their own. They are not always hungry for more money or
power, they are hungry for something. They are the people who are adventurous, who like to think new, instill the
belief in others. They know the real meaning of happiness and most probably they realize what living in cloud nine
actually. These types of people are detached from the mundane things; all they know is the internal happiness. They
like a give a new look of life everyday. By watching them, other people are inspired and learn the lesson to live a
life on cloud Nine.

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