History of Mankind

History of Mankind

History of mankind is a long. The starting point of the human is very painful and hard to lead the life. But in
the every age of human, they are adopt themselves with the age just did the work just what they need to do for
live. It is not possible to write all the history in this article with enough explanation.

At first when human era just begun at that they were not living together. Most of them were lived in group of
10-12 people. But the problem was, that time they need to live by facing a lot of problem. First problem was
natural disaster. At that moment world was forming, so at that moment different types of natural problems they were
facing regularly. Another problem they need to face more and more that is attack of wild animals. At that time
people were living without home, so it was very hard for them to face these types of problem. The only they find to
survive that is, living together. That’s few groups of people started to live together for save them and find the
food at the quickest way. That’s how society begins.

After society begun human founds that it is very hard for them to live without staying at one place. That’s why
they started to build house to live. Then they take some animals under control and made those domestic. There are
some sign had found that that tells us that story that that time man were going for hunting and girls took care of
Children and domestic animals. Somehow that time woman through any fruit seeds besides home, agriculture era comes
from that cause. After some era, exchanging era comes. Suddenly new technology started to build and started to
change the history of mankind.

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