Stop Self Harm

Stop Self Harm

Cutting is when a person deliberately troubles their body with a pointed or sharp object to bleed them to leave
go of depressing things they are going through. Cutting can be a way of releasing all negative emotions, or a
diversion from ache.

Trusting somebody who is close to you will b helpful to curb it; they will be able to give you counsel,
maintenance, help you realize your emotions, and be an alternative passage rather than cutting. Don’t be
discouraged if they seem surprised, frightened. Of course it will have an enormous impact on them. Wait for the
person to adjust with the situation.

When you feel pushed to cut, pick up the cellular phone and call someone. Emergency hotline staffs are trained
to offer support and offer you substitute to cutting yourself. If you haven’t gathered the nerve to expose to
someone close to you yet, then talking namelessly with someone is a good idea. Talking to your doctor or another
specialized and informing them of your situation will help. They may be able to tell you if you have the symptoms
of a disease or disorder. That may be causing you to cut. They may also be able to refer you to a health center or
support group.

The moment you have the pressure to cut, stop and think of what has just happened. Remember it and try to keep
away from these situations. For example, if you’ve just had a quarrel with somebody close to you, and are having
the urge to cut, stop and ask yourself what’s making you feel this way. Don?t hesitate articulate your emotions.
For example, when you feel like cutting, try doing something else. Sketch on paper, paint on white paper, listening
to music that narrate your emotions, write songs or poetry etc.

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