Recurring Dream

Recurring Dream

Recurring dreams are those ones which appear again and again. This is a common scenario for most of the people.
The time span of the dream may long for a week to a month. Most of the recurring dreams are trigger by the feeling
of insecurity. For example, if a boy during his teen age was bullied severely, then a sense of insecurity works
inside him. Later it starts to appear as a dream and it becomes recurrent in nature. These recurring dreams also
resemble daily stress and anxiety. When people are stressed out too much, they are more likely to have this dream.
People who work very hard on a daily basis generally experience this.

Apart from these, personal problems like trouble in relationship the near ones may also provoke recurring dream.
Sometimes we think that recurring dreams carry strong message and it consistently keeps us annoying. We try to
figure out the fact of the dream and unless we come up with an answer this keep nagging in our mind. Most often it
distracts us from the daily routine and keeps our mind occupied. We can not help but thinking about this. This
thinking is being done in subconscious mind.

To get rid of recurring dream, the most effective way is to come up with some kind interpretations of the dream.
Because it will help us to understand exactly what is going wrong. If it is stress that we are picturing
persistently then we have to try to remove some work loads and make our daily schedule lighter. If the dream
reflects insecurity because of a past reason, then we have to reinforce the belief that, everything is past and
there is no way it will come back. And if the dream demands a change in life, then we can try a slight change. If
we are fortunate enough it may work out nicely.

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