Noise Sensitivity

Noise Sensitivity

Noise sensitivity is a medical situation in which diverse types of sounds cause an immense discomfort for a
person. There are many forms of sensitivity; among them some are enduring in nature. The most common types of noise
sensitivity are, Misophonia, Hypracusis etc. Apart from these sound sensitivities hearing develop as a result of a
core physical or psychological complaint. After that, it will begin to dispel once the complaint is diagnosed and

Misophonia is regarded as one of the most common types of noise sensitivity. If someone is affected with this,
then for that individual finds it becomes completely impossible to endure some particular sounds, no matter what is
the decibel level that particular sound. For example, an individual may come across a noise anxiety which leads
them to a sudden panic attack during hearing the train whistle. In the meantime, the sort of music which is not as
loud as train whistle does not produce that much discomfort.

Another type of noise sensitivity is Hyperacusis. In these cases, a person is not harmfully affected by certain
sounds, but what affects them is the ceratin range or the frequency of the sound. Any kind of noise which falls
within this range will provoke a rigorous reaction which becomes very difficult to bear. A person who has
hyperacusis is nor capable of filtering diverse types of noise. This kind of situation makes the individual to
experience a certain phenomena where the sound is alleged like a concrete wall of noise which is continually
closing in. this makes the life almost impossible as the people affected by this special condition can not tolerate
the sounds which is supposed to take place on a daily basis. The treatment has to be done based on the form and the
intensity of the problem.

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