Manage Adhd

Manage Adhd

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder creates trouble in concentrating in work both for adult and children.
It occurs when a person cant generate sufficient chemical that are produced in a vital portion of the brain which
helps them to organize the ides or thoughts. ADHD create problems in social and personal relationships but it is

To manage ADHD a diagnosis of the patient can help getting knowledge of the behaviors of the concerned person.
Doctors prescribe medicine for checking hyperactive behavior. There are several medicines namely Concerta XL,
Equasym XL, Ritalin, Medikinet XL etc. They contain active methylphenidate. Dexedrine contains dexamfetamine. These
medicines have reaction with dopamine (a brain chemical).This chemical is responsible for controlling the human
behavior and they are in less amount in ADHD affected people.

These medicines also check overactive behaviors of the patient and increase their concentration. They pay heed
to people more and their thinking gets clearer. They can avoid impulsive behavior as they think before they act.
More importantly, their focus to a particular thing increases. It also reduces the fidgeting.

But a concerted effort of the family members and surrounding people is more effective than medication. The
expectation from others needs to be clarified and specified. A structured life style can help the victim recover or
act more normally.

The parents can make a chart for taking meal, sleep, homework, playing games, watching TV. And a reminder is
necessary time to time so the patient gets accustomed. The attention of the child is needed to be restored. The
parents have to be calm and specific about their expectation from the child. The directions need to be brief and
simple. Eye contact and soft voice can do the trick. When the victim accomplishes something successfully, he or she
needs to be appreciated. If they fail, constructive criticism is necessary.

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