Fear of Photography

Fear of Photography

The topic of this article, “fear of photography” seems the quite to funny to people but the
reality is this is a major problem of North American people. Also Asian, Australian people are affected by this
phobia. Now let’s discuss about this problem.

Fear of photography is distinct as a part of fear of event, fear of outcome, fear of situation
and person. The people who has this type of fear they also has the fear of photography. Unfortunately this fear is
increasing day by day. In an account almost 250,000 people are affected in USA by this phobia alone.

After getting the knowledge about fear of phobia it?s time to find out that how a person can
pretentious by this phobia. First it is important to say that this problem is not set up in the mind of a person
from his or her birth. So, this problem only can affect the people when they have a bad experience about the

There are different sources can play an important role to attach this phobia in human mind. The
most powerful source is childhood experience. In most of cases about this phobia it is found out that that person
who has very bad experience about photography they have great fear about photography. There are also many other
sources are available for the fear of photography. Like bad dreams, bad family experience about photography, book
story, movies etc.

Now lets talk about some symptoms of this problem. The symptoms which are shown by people
usually are sweating, shaking. There are also some other symptom like dry mouth, freezing, lose control over

After the upper discuss, we have found out that it is totally a psychological problem. So, to
stop this problem a person should need to go to a psychologist for proper treatment.

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