Weight Loss Hypnosis Pack

Weight Loss Hypnosis Pack

Hypnopuncture is a revolutionary weight loss treatment combining hypnosis with acupuncture. An Easy
Weight Loss Pack provides the benefits of a course of Hypnopuncture treatments from the comfort of your own home.
Each pack contains a set of powerful, life-changing hypnosis CDs, along with two bottles of metabolism boosting
energy essence and essential appetite busting ear seeds. With this pack you can lose 2-4lbs a week by just eating
sensibly and exercising regularly – and the weight loss is long term, unlike dieting.The hypnosis CDs are designed
to work powerfully on changing your subconscious attitudes towards food, giving you more control over your eating

These six hypnosis sessions will help you stop snacking, eliminate comfort and emotional eating,
reduce portion sizes and empower you to make healthier nutritional choices. Each hypnosis CD will have a positive
effect on your self-esteem and sense of well-being and will dramatically increase your motivation and energy
levels. The ear seeds are placed on the outer ear and when pressed throughout the day, give you a practical way to
gain more control over snacking and food cravings, as they stimulate the points associated with appetite. The
energy essences work on your meridians to clear any blockages in your lifeforce qi, which has a beneficial effect
on your digestive and metabolic systems. Full instructions for using the pack are included, along with a useful
nutrition guide for getting grips with a healthier diet.

This amazing slimmers toolkit has been developed at Middlesex Universitys School of Health and is
unique in the UK. The weight loss session is the same one that one use in the office with their clients, and all
their sessions include motivation which they really need, to keep them going, and they may actually enjoy losing
weight and more.

Luckily, this topic can be significantly improved with hypnotherapy
and clinical hypnosis.

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