Super Slim Me

Super Slim Me

Super Slim Me is a TV documentary presented by Dawn Porter. It was broadcast in the U.K. by BBC Three on 25
February 2007. Dawn was on a mission to see what it takes to shrink from her curvy UK size 12 figure to the
much-touted super skinny Hollywood zero. Surviving on a diet of just 500 calories a day she hunts down the
stylists, designers and agencies who are responsible for making skinniness not only appear possible, but the
ultimate goal for any dedicated follower of fashion.

Porter made her TV debut in the Channel 4 comedy show Balls of Steel, which saw her testing the morals of
British men. She then came to public attention, when she attempted to slim down to a size zero. Porter also
presented the product-testing section of How to Look Good Naked on Channel 4.In 2008 she presented a BBC Three
series of four documentary films, ‘Dawn’, exploring attitudes to nudity, lesbianism, dating, pregnancy and
childbirth. Porter also appeared in Seriously Dirty Dancing, a tribute to her favorite film, for five. In 2008 she
also made a four-part series for Channel 4. The first program, ‘Dawn Porter: Free Love”, was broadcast on Channel 4
on 30 September 2008. Dawn travelled to Germany to visit Zegg, a German Free love commune. The program highlighted
the world of Free love and included discussions with the people who lived in the commune. It premiered with 1.75m
viewers (10.7% share).

The second program, ‘Dawn Porter: Mail Order Bride”, was broadcast a week later. Dawn travelled to the Ukraine
with a group of American men in their search for a partner. The third program, ‘Dawn Porter: Geisha Girl”, saw Dawn
travelled to Japan and spent a week in a geisha house. The fourth program, ‘Dawn Porter: Polygamist’s Wife”,
investigated women who are prepared to share their husbands with other women.

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