Stop Night Eating

Stop Night Eating

Late night eating is a awful problem for most weight loss effort. Night eating is the routine practice of binge
eating all through the night. Night eating usually occurs in people who practice daytime diets or those who choose
to eat very little during the day and later undergo serious night food cravings.
To stop night eating, have small meal throughout the day to keep your blood sugar under control. It will allow you
to eat sufficient dinner. Eat three healthy meals during the day with light snacks in the middle. Most people try
to eat too little calories during the day and they overeat at night consequently

Maximum mid night eating after dinner can be shunned by putting out of sight the junk food. Keep note of your
diet plan and measure your weight frequently to see the progress in weight loss activities. Keep entertaining
yourself by resorting to something else than food. Develop habits that are useful and meant for night. But try to
avoid TV as the lucrative ads of food and beverages make you hungrier.

Drink more glass of water or juice per hour after dinner. This will make you feel constantly fulfilled and serve
to fight food craving. Try to avoid using stuffs like caffeine in the afternoon which causes less sleep. This habit
can cause painful side effects, such as headaches and bad temper, pressure. It can also disturb sound sleep. Rather
herbal tea or fruit juice can be taken. They can at least serve your stomach fulfillment. Brushing the teeth is a
good technique to restrain late night eating desires.

You can practice relaxing techniques as late night eaters often worry about unnecessary things. The overall
anxiety level should be reduced and a good network of friend is helpful. Adjust your daily routine to have proper
meal at night and specify the hours of sleeping and consuming energy.

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