Stop Emotional Eating

Stop Emotional Eating

Emotional overeating occurs in an effort to escape the unwanted feelings. It can result from depression,
boredom, excitement, stress, loneliness, fear and other impulses. These feelings trigger excessive food
consumption. Weight-loss efforts go in vain due to emotional eating. It results in the consumption of fatty,
high-calorie foods. Consequently, it creates pressure in the financial life, relationship status, workplace and
society. It causes fatigue and work stress.

Stress is mostly responsible for overeating. So, a stress management technique can help avoid overeating. This
can be done in the form of relaxation, yoga, meditation. Cravings for food and the mental state has deep
connection. Taking a note of the items and amount of your meal can help you evaluate what s the actual state of
your mind when you are really hungry or not. It will help to discover the pattern of overeating and what mood
creates what sort of reaction.

A good circle of family and friends can contribute to prevent this habit as you ca easily be influenced by their
companion and avoid overeating. To remove boredom, it’s good idea to have a walk, play chess or outdoor games,
brows, watch movies, to listen music instead of having foods. But if the craving for food is very sever, you can
resort to fresh fruit, vegetables as they contain less fat and calorie. Unbuttered popcorn is also a good choice.
To remove the tiredness, these snacks can be energy booster. But a more effective way is to sleep early.

It’s important o learn the basic differences between emotional and physical overeating. Hence, you don’t deprive
yourself of your beloved foods. Only abstaining from overeating of those favorite items can enhance your weight
loss efforts. While eating, you yourself have to measure whether you are physically satisfied with what you are
eating right now.

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