Low Carb Diet

Low Carb Diet

Low-carb diet is a diet which tells the story that a person takes the food which has low calorie. We all know
that calorie is very bad for health, when the amount of the calorie goes high people becomes fat. That is why a diet
has introduced to all the human being and that is low crab diet.

This diet was first introduced at 1990. It was published by Dr. Atkins. This books was explained the total
condition of a person. it said at past the main source of food was meat of animals. That ancient time people get
the meat of animals by hunting. From that time people have fond about meat. No doubt that meat is the great sources
of calorie. Now-a-days that calorie is making a lot of problems. Actually it is better to say high calorie. The
high calorie is destroying normal body condition. It increases the fat of the body, that fat obstacle normal blood
flow of the body. These are become the cause of many physical problem like heart diseases. These diseases are so
much dangerous that these are turning a person into death.

Now, to save a person from this calorie a diet has invented, this diet is without calorie. This is known as low
crab diet. This is mainly included different types of vegetables. This diet is very important to maintain the body
strength. This diet helps a person to save him from many problems which are the caused by the fat.

Finally it can be said that a person who should follow this low crab diet for saving his own life. Not only that
this will also help the person to live a fresh life. This diet program is scientifically proved so there is no harm
to use it.

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