Banish Fast Food

Banish Fast Food

Fast food is the most attracting food of the current world. The young generation is just wild
about it. Not only them but also the baby boomers generation are also attracted by this food. The reason behind the
wildness is the taste of this food. No doubt the taste of these foods are awesome but it is also true that it is
greatly harmful for human body, so the doctors aware everyone to avoid this food and banish this from life.

Lets figure out some fast foods at first. The most common and the most favorable fast food is
hamburger. Raw meat is used in this food after burn, and also cheese is used for this. Next is pizza it is used
different types of meats, vegetables for make. Another popular fast food sandwich which is used meat, cheese etc.
for making. All of these have one common thing which is used in everything of these are bread and another thing is
chemical. There are also many fast foods which are used almost same equipment including chemical for making. There are also some soft drinks.

Now lets find out how all of these are badly affected for human. The raw meat which is used for
making hamburger that is a threat for heart. Doctors are strictly banned it for heart patient. Next is cheese which
increases the cholesterol of a human body and make them more fat and increase the risk of fall in different
diseases. There are some soft drinks which is dangerous for human body parts like limbs, kidney, and heart. Most
doctors give the suggestion to stay away from these fast foods.

Now, if a person leaves these fast foods then what he will do next, the answer is he will go for home made which are also delicious to eat.

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