Sleep Walking

Sleep Walking

Human being is been quite interesting and their problems are also interesting as them. Some problems keep
annoying them all the time and about some other they hardly have clue. They do not know when it starts and when it
ends, they just know it from others. Sleep walking is absolutely like this. People encountering this interesting
problem rarely have any idea when they start walking and when they bring a halt. It is medically termed as

Sleep walking is characterized by the unconscious state of mind and occasional talking can also take place
during this walking. This talking makes o sense what so ever. This action is most common in the middle childhood as
well as in the young adolescence. Sleep walking does not take place for long period of time. The whole sleeping
process is consisted of five stages and the sleep walking takes place in the first stages. There are some typical
reasons for sleep walking such as stress, depression, sleeping disturbances overtime, alcohol consumptions etc. The
length of the sleep may also be a cause of sleep walk as the slow wave sleep mostly experienced by the young
children lead them to sleep walk. The pattern of walking can range from slow walk to sudden run aimed at escaping.
During this even if the person talks those do not make any sense and they can not ever remember what they talk

To get rid of this sleep walking there is no exact reason. Because this problem is triggered by sleeping
disorders, stress, depression, emotional problems etc. If these problems are resolved then the propensity sleep
walking is going to diminish day by day. Naturally it is vanished when people grow older. If it becomes persistent
in nature then and trigger new problems, then people should consult with sleep specialist.

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