Sleep Talking

Sleep Talking

Sleep talking is also known as Somniloquy. During sleeping we encounter a number of experiences. In this fast
paced world, sleeping has become a gift for many people because there people rarely can have a good sleep. Sleeping
is a very important part of our life and we are unlikely to get it hampered. Talking during sleep may cause the
whole sleep which results in many new problems.

Sleep talking can take place at any time in the sleep cycle. The pattern of the sleep is also affiliated with
the talking. This talking during sleep is being done completely in unconscious manner. People have no clue what
they talk about and people do generally talk in an inconsistent manner, calm, monotone and emotionless. In addition
to this, Phases of sleep talking can vary from small babblings to long stretch conversations. Some sleep talker can
even yell and start shouting but it is relatively rare in nature. A child also faces this problem severely but is
completely harmless. Children are used to talk more than the adults during sleep because of their immature brain
coupled with the incomplete sleeping cycles.

This is not generally considered as a serious problem until it becomes recurrent and persistent in nature. Years
after years scientists are trying to sort out the exact reason of sleep talking but the real cause of sleep talking
is yet to be revealed. Primarily it is thought that stress, anxiety, depression, severe problems in personal and
professional life can trigger this talking during sleep. Lack of rest and improper sleep are also common reasons
for sleep talking. This can cause problem right in the next day as the person can feel sleepy all the time and he
or she may also feel weak because of the lack of proper sleep.

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