Sleep and Dream

Sleep and Dream

Sleep is the part and parcel of life. Without this we can not live. A good sleep works as a catalyst for a whole
day. Without having this whole ay will be ruined. It will be almost impossible to find a person who has not seen
any dream in his or her whole lifetime. It is something which people can not avoid because a person can not avoid
him/herself. In many cases Dream is a representative of our everyday life. What we give priority is that we see in
the dream. Dream is sometimes hope. Through this we try to set an aim and achieve it.

Dream is compilation of our day to day works. Sometimes it comes with utter stress, anxiety and sometimes it
brings us happiness. Dreams can also cause severe fear. In many cases severe kind of fear is been triggered by
dream. It keeps s us haunting all the time and we keep ourselves away from this. Dream man makes people laugh and
also it can make people cry. During sleep people can also encounter another kind of dream which is mostly known as
recurring dream. People encounter this repeatedly over time. It resembles the work day stresses that making the
life a nightmare as well as problems in the personal relationship.

Sometimes these dreams become so recurring in nature that it becomes a pathetic experience. We even get afraid
of falling into the sleep. Sometimes it is aid that there are special messages in these types of dreams. If we are
able to interpret it then we may come up with something. When dream gets pathetic in nature we should consult with
an expert in the related field because on e day it may lead to some serious sorts of mental disorders and other
severe psychological problems.

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