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Go Back to Sleep

Sleeping is the most important thing and process to take rest. In this modern life a person needs to do lots of
work. All of his works are so challengeable. No doubt all of this works are very stressful and gives a great mental
presser to the victim. So the person need to have some rest and nothing can give as much as rest as sleep.

In research it is found that sleeping in human body is just like a banking system. A person should need to take
limited hours of sleep. Otherwise he will not be able to live properly. There are very few people in this world who
are able to sleep 4 hours in 24 hours. And if anyone tries to do that, he just falls in problem. That attacks in
psychological stage and creates many types of deceases. No doubt, all of those problems are so dangerous.

Sleeping is increase the energy level. That is in many organization there are some systems are available to have
a sleep after some hours of work. in research of the scientist is found that this has increased the productivity of
the employees. That is why it is increasing in using day by day. Having a nice sleep also gives person a refresh
mind. This will help the person to do all the works perfectly. This will make him so much energetic.

There are several timings which is made by the person himself that when he will go for sleep. Most of the time
people cannot go for sleep without those timing. But there are also some people are available who can sleep
anywhere. Sometimes they sleep in bus, train or in the class room.

At last it is needed to say that every person should need to go for sleep in perfect time which is helpful for
them otherwise they will sacrifice.

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