Getting Early to Bed

Getting Early to Bed

From the very childhood we have learnt the lesson of waking up from sleep early in the morning. We all have
probably read the following poem,?Early to bed, early to rise; makes a man healthy and wise?. When we used to be
child, we may have had a firm belief on it after growing adult we treated it just like a myth. But it is not just a
saying. Modern science has proved that, the person who gets up early from the beds is remained healthy for longer
period of time.

Moreover, it makes the brain work more consistently than a person who stays late in the bed. The early riser
gets the maximum opportunity of using the time. He cans the best out of it. From the very beginning of the day, he
gets a leverage which can be used in many cases whereas a late riser spends almost half of the day in lying in the
bed. He gets puzzled when he has a lot of pressure of work. He is out of clue when is in immense strain. People
admire the people who are discipline, who are organized.

Then can progress in life because they value time over comfort. They are the one who can set triumph over
anything and they can pullout anything from nothing. They are people who can have control over time and authority
over themselves. They not act as a slave of comfort rather they are the master of motion. They can manipulate any
situation into their favor and work it out nicely. People who give priority to comfort always lag behind in
quality. They are the one keep giving excuses for their mistakes which could be solved by proper time management.
So if you want to prosper in life follow the poem learnt in your childhood.

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