Sexual Problems

Sexual Problems

For both men and women sexual experience is one of the most craving ones. But when this experiences covered by
problems then it becomes a great concern for both of them. Both men and women face a number of sexual problems.
These can vary in nature but in most cases these ruin their life. These affect almost every portion of life.

A sexual problem is characterized by a problem during any stage of the whole sexual response cycle which keeps
the individual or couple away from having pleasure from sexual activity. The sexual problems are triggered by both
psychical and psychological causes. There are a number of medical conditions which cause problem in having sexual
affairs. For example, neurological disorders Diabetes, hormonal imbalances, drug abuse, alcoholism, heart and
vascular diseases, kidney or liver failure etc. mainly cause problems during sexual actions. Different kinds of
side affects of medications also can lead to different problems. These problems are similar for both men and

The common sexual problems that men usually face are premature, retrograde and inhibited ejaculation. In most
cases the premature and the inhibited ejaculation are caused by less attraction to partner, past trauma and other
psychological strains. Retrograde ejaculation is most often caused by other diseases like debates and problems in
the bladder. The most common problems that female face mainly deal psychological aspects. These are lack of desire,
trouble in achieving orgasm, pain during intercourse, vaginal dryness, hormonal imbalances etc.

It is good news that most of the problems faced by both men and women are curable. But at first they have to
share their problem with the doctors. Most of the times it is seen people are less likely to share their problems
with the doctors. So the doctors can not come up with a viable solution.

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