Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sexual Performance Anxiety

In every human beings life sex is an important phenomenon. Irrespective of gender it is the most craving need
for everyone. But sometimes there are some problems which make this wonderful experience a nightmare. People take a
lot of stresses for this and they can not help but thinking about it. Their daily life is been devastated for this
and it also affects in other parts of life. One of these common problems is sexual performance anxiety. This is the
most typical one that people face in their personal and it is more common among men.

Sexual performance anxiety is the fear of getting involved in the sexual activities thinking that he or she
might not be successful to satisfy the partner. The problem occurs when the spontaneous flow of sexual feelings is
blocked. It affects the men in a number of ways for example; they may sidestep sexual affairs, it may cause low
self esteem, the bondage between them may weaken a lot etc. People suffering from this are being negatively
associated with sex. They sometimes start to think that they might have some severe problems regarding their
capability of engaging in physical affairs. It consistently develops massive anxiety and stress inside them. One
failure or other obsessive thoughts can trigger this doubt in them. Gradually it decreases their mental
incorporation with the physical one which leads them to another failure.

When they tend to reject sexual action, it may create a feeling in the partner’s mind that, he is not interested
in her any more and vise versa. So both of them are demoralized and gradually they loose interest in the
relationship. To get rid of this, the man should revive confidence. He should consult with the partner of his
problem as by this will be no misunderstanding among them. The partner also needs to be supportive.

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