Male Sexual Performance

Male Sexual Performance

Sex is a physical activity which involves the human body significantly and sexual performance depends a lot on
the fitness level and other bodily phenomenon. Primarily, sexual performance depends a lot on the erection
capability and proper ejaculation.

To ensure a happy marriage life, the sexual nutrition and fundamental body chemistry needs to be tested several
times. Lack of proper mineral and nutrients can reduce the sex power. There are some obstacles for good sexual
performance. A blocked blood vessel or injuries to nerves are vital. Man with Diabetes and High cholesterol has
less power. High blood pressure also reduces the ability. Too much depression or anxiety can negatively affect love
life. Side effects from any medicine often hamper sexual performance. Any defects in pelvic area or in the nervous
system are responsible too.

There are some elements which can hamper the sexual performance of male. Hard liquor or quinine can be
detrimental to sexual health. Other tonic drinks or elements like gin or vodka are harmful too. Use of Aspirin
squeezes the blood flow required during erection. Some sinus curing medicine can damage mans potency. Lemon juice
and vinegar contain harmful chemical substance . Tobacco consumption blocks the blood vessel which can hamper
erection. The potency level will certainly increase if smokers give up smoking for at least 1one and a half

Good energy and a relaxed mind is useful for sexual performance. Protein based foods like fish; chicken can help
a person to be sexually strong. Carbohydrates are useful to make the body relax. Little workout can create a better
mood for the love making. Physical exercises are effective for enhancing sexual performance by strengthening the
chest, shoulders and abdominals. Many men resorts to the enhancers which help achieve firm erection and longer

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