Losing Virginity

Losing Virginity

All the people have some novel stuff in their life. It is symbol of their uniqueness and hardly negotiates over
these matters. These things are regarded as the most valuable ones and people tend to protect it for a fixed.
Virginity is something like this. The effect of losing virginity includes many factors, for example age, gender,
ultra where they have been brought up, the mentality and the attitude towards life. But no matter what the factors
are, it is going to have a profound impact in life.

The effect of losing virginity mostly depends on the situation one which person has lost. On a common basis the
effects are deeper into the women rather than the male section. When a women loses virginity according to her wish,
and in the desired place and to the desired person then it seems to be the most wonderful experience of their life.
They tend to think about al the time. It gives them immense pleasure and satisfaction. They have a sense of
fulfillment worked into them. They cannot side step the thinking and they will never likely to get over the

But when the woman loses virginity in an unexpected manner, it becomes a nightmare for them. Every woman has a
latent desire to lose the virginity to their most beloved once and in an expected manner. But things do not go in
favor them, it causes serious mental problem too. They tend to have stress, depression and anxiety for this
experience. Also an unknown fear and sense guilt work into them. These are sometimes so severe that they can not
stop thinking about it. Their daily life is being hampered and they tend to avoid social appearances. Their life is
being crippled and these lead them to further distress.

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