The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

God created this world, and he designed this world with natural beauties. He colored it; he gave it shape and
also makes it pleasant to see. Not only this he changed this beauty after some while, no doubt that increase the
attractiveness of nature in a high rate. This change has made after a definite time period. This time period is
known as season to us. We the people can divide this season in four parts. These four seasons are summer, winter,
spring and fall or autumn.

All of these seasons has different color and beauty and let’s talk about those. Summer is a season of hot. For
the western people it is the most enjoyable time and for the other part of the world it is also so good but
sometimes the hot become too strong that people are facing heat stroke. Different types of fruits are available in
this season so people like this time. To enjoy this period of time in most of the schools of different counties are
given vacation during this time.

Autumn has come after summer. It is also known as the transaction period of the season summer to winter. The
nature is become so colorful in this time. All the leaves of the trees change their colors into red or yellow.

The next season is winter. It is the cold period of the year. Many counties nature is welcome this season by
ice. Ice has fallen in this time just as rain. Different type of games, people are playing only this time of the
year.. This is a very enjoyable time but different types of diseases are spread out during this time. So, people
are must be careful about this.

The last season is spring. Like autumn it is also a transaction period of the nature and it is from winter to
summer. All the flowers bloom in this time. In this time nature shows its most beautiful face to all of us.

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