Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Message therapy is used for influencing the muscles of the body and other internal functions. It has been use
besides conventional medicine of get rid of various health related problems. There exist more than 80 forms of
therapy. The therapist presses the muscles in various pressures by using the hands, feet etc. The thumb pressure is
used to gain a balance in the reflex points of the body. There are several other forms of stroke which is used for
the most inner body tissues which exist in layers and generally more inflexible. The duration of a therapy can last
from half an hour to an hour.

The patient lies on a surface and some oil or powder is used on the skin for smooth rubbing. Ice or other
components even machines are used at times. They also advise to learn about own body structure and the food habit
people should maintain during therapy.

In relaxation form of message, the blood circulation and body movements become smoother. It relieves the
pressure from the muscles. But there is a paramedical form which is used as a remedy for the injured body tissues
and ligaments. They can range from manual messages to physical treatment. Il helps recover from certain disease as

There are enormous advantages. It reduces the back pain in the lower part of the body. The blood circulation
increases significantly and the muscles get relaxed. It ensures smooth lymph flow. It results in lower blood
pressure and proper heart beat rate. It hugely lessens the necessity of medication. The cramping and strains can be
controlled through regular body message. The anxiety and stress can also be prevented. It stimulates the injured
fragile muscles and activates them immediately. But there are some side effects as well such as Temporary pain,
allergy, excessive swelling etc.

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