Harmony with Nature

Harmony with Nature

In last few decades human takes the control over many things. Human are not afraid anymore on wild animals. They
are afraid to live without home. The reason behind this is they take the control of the society. But still they are
not able to dominant over the nature. That is why the only way still the human have for living perfectly that is
making harmony with nature.

At first lets find out what the harmony with nature is. Here, harmony means that working together. Harmony with
nature means that living with the nature with a peaceful mind. We all know that nature is so calm and quite. It is
just like a store house of peace. So, if the people are making harmony with the nature then they can get a
different inner peace. It will help the person to explore himself. The beauty of nature gives him a pleasant mind.
Living with nature helps the people to increase the love with stays inside of human. This will help the person to
increase the power of acceptance. Moreover being with the nature helps the people to change himself. It helps the
person to bring out the beauty of him.

Now let’s find out some scientific reason why the harmony with nature is important. The first thing is, we all
know that we are directly depending on the nature for oxygen. So, if human cannot make harmony with nature then
life becomes hard for human. Now days we all found that people are destroying nature. Nature is also not stop for
that reason. They are showing their angry by different natural calamities. These calamities destroy our human
society. Only if we the human can make harmony with nature that can makes save the people. That is why human needs to
go for make harmony with nature for their own interest.

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