Quit Smoking With Hypnosis

Quit Smoking With Hypnosis

From the start the most significant thing in undergoing conversation with the patient is the hypnotist carefully
describing the entire process. It is very necessary to explain all the phases to erase the patient’s apprehension
which is the greatest hindrance to a successful hypnosis.

You have to point out a very essential detail that no one can be hypnotized with the consent alone but it is
important that the patient certainly wish to be hypnotized and has a full confidence in the hypnotist. In case that
any of these agreements are not followed, the hypnosis is impossible.

There is a large amount of those techniques, and almost every hypnotist develops his own. Among the most common is
moving a finger, a watch or some other object in front of the patient’s eyes.

In the next phase the hypnotist puts a patient in an adequate position and then insinuate how tired he is, how all
his body parts are very heavy, how he feels the need to sleep. This lasts for about 10 minutes, or until it’s
evident that all of the patient’s muscles are relaxed and that he is gradually beginning to sleep, totally allowing
the hypnotist’s voice to lead him.

In that instant the hypnotist states that the patient is sleeping slowly becomes hypnosis, and that he hears
nothing but his voice which directs him. The patient is now in the state of hypnosis. How shallow that state relies
on the power of implications, and the significance of the prior phases.

Hypnosis can be intensified merely proposing that the patient is going deeper and deeper in the hypnotic state.
Throughout hypnosis the hypnotist makes certain implications to the patient to quit smoking. The last phase is
waking up the patient. Before that it is very necessary to advise that the patient is rested and that he feels
great and energetic.

After that the hypnotist proposes that, for example, after counting from 1 to 10, the patient will wake up relaxed
and he will recall the whole process. Upon completion of the session, the client will feel rested, but will feel a
new empowerment to be able to quit smoking forever.