Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

When many people attempt to quit smoking, they find that they are constantly battling with their own mind. A part
of them wants to continue with the habit which they have reinforced thousands of times, and another part of them
for whatever reasons has decided enough was enough.

A lot of quit smoking programs focus on the physical side of the smoking addiction, such as sleeplessness, mouth
ulcers, dizziness, constipation, chest pains and tightness in the chest, irritability, lack of concentration,
feeling tired and many others. The problem with this, is that it completely misses the major part that causes most
people to relapse back into the smoking

When a person uses hypnosis to quit smoking, they begin to employ the part of the mind which causes the battle in
the first place. The reason hypnosis is so effective at treating addictions, is that it uses the very mechanism
that supports the addiction to overthrow itself, many times without conscious participation.

The subconscious mind, is the part of the mind which adopts, accepts and reinforces habits in our life. One of its
major jobs is to ensure we have a form of stability in our life, and it does this through its automatic

From driving a car, through to tying your shoe laces, your subconscious mind is running in the background doing
what it considers is in your best interest.

At one point, you picked up a cigarette, perhaps to distract yourself from something less appealing. Over time,
this behaviour was repeated, and your subconscious mind accepted it as a behaviour and habit that you wished to

When a person uses only the conscious mind, they overlook the part of the mind doing all the work. This is the
single largest reason most people continue to smoke, and entertain their addictions. When you begin to use hypnosis
to quit smoking, you literally at the subconscious mind switch sides, and begin to support your decision.

The subconscious mind will happily do this, providing you allow it alternatives to avoid whatever it was that you
were trying to distract yourself from. If you truly want to stop smoking, then using hypnosis to quit smoking will
assist you to kick the habit rapidly. Many people who have used hypnotherapy report little to no cravings, and
others have reported not being aware of any withdrawal symptoms. The reason cities, is the subconscious mind
understands its decision, and does not necessarily need your conscious mind to be burdened with it.

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