Postnatal Depression

Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression or PND is a depressive infirmity which occurs after taking a baby. It is very frequent for
women. The problem exactly arises during the birth. During this period the symptoms are not that severe, but after
the birth sometimes the consequences appear to be extremely severe. The severity varies from mild, normal and
tremendously severe. Generally Postnatal Depression starts to take place within one month of the child birth. The
exact cause of the Postnatal Depression is yet to be revealed. Generally Sleeping disturbance, hormonal change and
strain are considered to be the core reasons of this.

The major symptoms of Postnatal Depression are the feelings of being distressed, obsessive thoughts about both
herself and the baby. Besides these, the usual eating habit of the mother is affected as in most cases a new mother
loose appetite. The mother sometimes treats herself as a bad mother. This sense of worthless is created among them,
because they think that they can not cope with new situation and they will be unable to take care of the child.
Sleeping disorder is another common sign of Postnatal Depression. It also reduces their energy level and they keep
feeling less energetic all the time.

As Postnatal Depression broadly falls into the category of depression, both of this has many similarities in
treatment procedure. Most part of the treatment depends upon the mother and her family environment. The family
should always be cooperative to the mother. They should always try to inspire her and make the new experience an
enjoyable one. The mother should not take extra stress. She should keep trying to believe that it is a unique
experience. She should also share her feelings with others. Antidepressants are helpful for overcoming this, but
have to ensure there have no side effects. For safety purpose she also may consult with a health expert.

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