Positive Pregnancy

Positive Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing experience for any women that she could have ever encountered. This is the regarded to
be a gift from the Almighty. In this process she gives birth to a baby which is the most carving gift for the
parents. But sometimes different sorts of complexities make this wonderful experience a nightmare. Each and every
day a lot of pregnant mother and new born or unborn children die which out of imagination and it has become a
burning problem. This situation tends to raise fear among the newly pregnant women. They consider this as a fearful
experience and sacrifice the enduring wish to have a baby. Those who carry on the wish they live the life in utter
distress and anxiety.

If proper planning is being done, then the experience of pregnancy can be a positive and enjoyable one. The
husband plays the most important role of making the experience of pregnancy a remarkable one. The husband needs to
be supportive in every step of this new phase of life. The core problem that a pregnant woman faces is mental break
down. They always live the life of fear which they can hardly cope with. The husband has to give them courage which
will reduce the distress level.

Apart from this psychological assistance, they have to ensure a safe and sound environment for his and spouse
and the new born baby. The husband also needs to ensure secure financial position. It is very important to be
financially backed up, as the whole process requires a lot of financials. Besides these, the whole family needs to
be supportive as by this the woman will feel lot secured. They should consult wit an expert whenever they come
through the good news. Everyone one in a family has play his or her part, to make the pregnancy a positive

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