Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a nausea inducing state which many pregnant women experience. It results from sudden
increase in the level of hormones of pregnant women. Though morning sickness is usual in the mornign it can happen
in both day and night. The nausea and vomiting usually starts in the very first month of pregnancy and it continues
till third or fourth month.

The exact cause of this morning sickness is yet to be revealed. Generally it is been said that, the sudden
increase in hormones is the main cause of morning sickness. Other than this, low blood sugar in the primary stages
is also a significant reason for this. A pregnant woman goes through a lot of strains, anxiety which make the
situation worse for her. It does cause any harm to the baby. Women take different kinds medicines for this purpose,
but they take it so randomly that it can cause serious health hazards. They are allowed to take medicines only if
the doctor has told them so. Otherwise, it can cause not only the mother but also the child.

Some common tips for this period of time are you have to avoid the rich, fatty and spicy foods. Avoid those
foods which make you feel nausea frequently. Do not eat too much or too less, as both of these eating habits can
induce vomiting. When you feel nauseous then try to take some bland foods. These bland foods include altine
crackers, ginger, gelatin desserts etc. other than this, you have o keep yourself away from smoking or avoid those
people who smoke. You need to take foods which are highly rich in carbohydrates and proteins. The mother may have
to go thorough a lot of difficulties, but she needs to believe at the end of the day she going to receive the best
gift of the Almighty.

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