Connect with Your Unborn Baby

Connect with Your Unborn Baby

A baby is the most wonderful creature in this earth. It can change the whole course of life for a family. It
brings a message of joy with it. Sometimes it works as a solution to all types of problem for parents.

Every mother wants to be blessed with gift. Before even watching the light of the world, a connection is been
set between a baby and its mother. The mother wants to share everything with her gift. From the medical point of
view it is also necessary to set a connection you and your upcoming child as it ensures a better physical and
psychological condition for both the child and mother.

A bonding between mother and the unborn is utterly necessary because it grows a gradual confidence in her and
makes her ready for the biggest truth of life. The more she connects with the baby, the more she overcomes the fear
of becoming of becoming a parent.

It is very important to first time mothers who are go in to take the biggest responsibility of their life. To
create bondage with your new born baby, you can do a lot of things, for example- you can talk with your child,
share your happiest moment with it. Share those memories which make you happy, by reminding which you start to
laugh, the golden memories you never want to let go.

Visualize your child inside you. Put your hand on the belly and try to identify and imagine how much it has
grown. Picture its face and feel its movement inside you. When you take food feel like you are feeding the gift
inside you. You may also jot down some memories of these rare feelings in a diary and tell it to the child. Always
care it like the best gift you could ever get.

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