TMJ Pain Relief

TMJ Pain Relief

Anyone who suffers from TMJ syndrome knows how excruciating the pain can be. Some people are prone
to outbursts. For anyone with TMJ symptoms, there are 5 main things you can do to treat it and get relief.

First of all there are TMJ exercises. While sitting in a high back chair, rest your head against
the chair. Place the web of your hand ,Using your chin, gently press your head back and feel your lower jaw move
back slightly. Let your mouth open slightly with the movement. Return to the starting position and repeat 5 times.
Do this a few times each day. Another exercise is to start with the same position as the first exercise. This time,
lightly press your jaw against your hand and hold for 5 seconds. Return to the start and repeat a few times.

Next, with a relaxed jaw, move your lower jaw a few times from side to side. Improvement to your
posture is the next approach you can use. Stand in front of a mirror with your arms hanging at your sides. Make a
conscious effort to straighten you back and keep your chin up. Your TMJ related pain may be reduced as your posture
gets better. Another thing that can irritate your TMJ is stress. You may have noticed that in stressful situations
you tend to clench your teeth. This puts undue stress on your jaw and your TMJ.

Whenever you feel stress coming on, try to be aware of the pressure exerted on your jaw and make a
conscious decision to relax those muscles. Getting rid of stress in your life is the ideal solution. Stress
management classes are available to help people cope with day to day anxieties. Gum chewers and people who eat a
lot of chewy or hard foods also tend to suffer from TMJ disorder.

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