Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom limb pain is the twinge which is felt in severed limb. Most often it is originated by Myofascial
activating points located in muscles. It basically refers to the pain in the amputated portions. After the limb is
lost, a person with Phantom pain feels that the limb still exists. There are various types of phantom limb pain.
Some of these are, stump pain which is also known as residual limb pain and phantom limb sensation. These are
completely different in nature. In the past it was believed that, phantom pain is caused by psychological stress.
But later researched have reveled that, it is a more of a physical one.

The core symptoms of Phantom limb pain are stinging sensations to rigorous and acute pain. Because of phantom
pain the blood congeal trims down amount of oxygen which gets into the tissues and this causes affected tissues
longer time to heal. In the worst cases, it is never healed.

The patient has to react as soon as possible as it directly affects the nervous system. So if exceeds the normal
limit, it becomes almost impossible to cure this, no matter whatever is done. There are different types of
medications available for this, such as antidepressants, narcotics, non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory. Each of
the medications has the probability effectiveness if it implied properly and the contrary does also exist. The
problem in using these medications is most of them having their own side effects. The anti depressants are usually
used in reducing stresses. In case of Phantom limb pain it is useful because sometimes the pain is triggered by
anxiety and stress of loosing the limb. After having phantom limb pain it is always better to consult with the
expert rather finding cure by oneself. Radical therapy, regional and sympathetic blocks are also effective in some

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