Stop Snacking

Stop Snacking

Most of us snack at some time or other though it’s not necessary. It’s almost as if it’s expected of us. To get
rid of this, at first be prepared. Dont let a snack bother. Hide junk foods from the house. Heap up your fridge
with low-calorie fruits and vegetables for healthy snacks. Make an effort to cook more meals that take long time.
This will keep you busy a longer period of time thinking about making food and not just eating it. Keep your both
hands busy with some work. Regularly brush your teeth. Most food dont taste very fine after brushing your teeth, so
you wont be as attracted to snack simply out of monotony or tendency.

Keep away from the kitchen .when you feel the need to snack, take a walk around your house, and pick up hand
weights, anything to be in motion with your body. Exercise restrains your appetite. Don?t watch ads. a food
commercial can be tempting. Get used to chew sugar-free gum or mint and drink water. Make a chart of your menus
everyday to include healthy snacks .create a list of what youve already eaten today and what you plan to eat
afterward .try thinking of your snacks as unnecessary meals. Instead of eating the standard 3 meals a day, try
eating 5 or 6 smaller meals. Snack in a delay.

Say to yourself that you will eat that snack after breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you eat lots of high-quality
food before the snack, there is not much room left for the junk food. Seek help from a friend. Chat as much as you
can about anything and everything. You will forget what you sought to do before the call or maybe you will think
more plainly and help prevent snacking.

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