Gluten Free Diet

Gluten Free Diet

A gluten free diet is a type of diet which is totally free from the gluten. Gluten foods are those containing
cereals, barley, and rye. It is the only medicinal accepted treatment for the disease of celiac and wheat

In most foods of this world it is using different wheat or wheat types of food for preparing foods. And all of
these things are very popular al through the world. This wheat is and their type of foods which contains gluten is
useful to make different types of food. But the problem is there are some people are available in this world that
they are unable to eat these types of foods. These food are also become the cause of allergy of many people. That is
why doctor has made this gluten free diet system.

This diet system actually includes different types of food which does not contain gluten. These foods are like
arrowroot, millet, montina, jowar, sweet potato, taro, teff and yam. All of these things do not contain gluten that
is why it is all included in this diet program.

There are also some heavy restriction over eating some foods like rice, potato, wheat etc. all of these things
are at staying in the negative of the gluten free diet.

There is also some controversial over oats that is that really gluten free or not. All the scientists are still
not of agree that all this is gluten free. That is why it is not suggested to use this in gluten free diet.

The next thing is important to say that whatever the diet is or not everything is depend on the victim that how
the things are maintain by him. if he takes the gluten free named food only that is really good for the victim and
if not than he will fall in trouble.

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