Eat More Vegetables

Eat More Vegetables

Nature has endorsed us with various kinds of gifts. These are something which is essential for life. Nature has
provided us with enough resources to lead the life with utter comfort. Fruits, vegetables, meat these are the
substances that make us we live. Among these vegetables are the most useful ones. There are many people who keep
themselves away from these things. It is like a stupidity because if someone has least what advantage can we get
from consuming vegetables he or she will be foolish enough to do this.

From the childhood, majority of the parents push us for having vegetables. Hardly any child pays attention to
this, for which they have to pay later. These brats only like to have meat or other spicy things. They keep
avoiding vegetables as much as they can. When they grow adult, they start facing crucial health related problems
such as- visual disturbances, problems with the teeth and skin; these are regarded as the major ones. There are
hundred of minor ones. Then they rush to the doctor, and the doctor?s advice is same as the one they did not pay
attention back in their childhood. The only option left for them is to regret.

Apart from these problems, another major one is obesity, when people start consuming too much meat and other
spicy sort of things, the obesity problem starts to rule over. They undergo a lot of strains and health related
issues just for a continuous mistake in the childhood. This obesity gives birth of many other major life causing
problems. On the flip side, the people who consume vegetables in a regular manner can lead a healthy life. So it is
wise always to maintain a balance between consumption of vegetables and other food which can ensure a hassle free

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