Using Hypnotherapy with Paruresis Treatment

Paruresis Treatment – The Use Of Hypnotherapy
By Junior Pswarai

Hypnotherapy has been said to be a great method of paruresis treatment. There are many other methods but hypnosis has been said to be very effective for people using it. Hypnosis has been around for a long time and for many different things such as confidence and fears and phobias which is exactly where paruresis underlies which lets you know that this is a start in the right direction to look in when you are trying to find out a good paruresis treatment that you can use to make a start to overcome your problem of urinating out in public toilets.

First thing to understand when thinking about this method is that it can be split up into two different categories; self-hypnosis or going through the method of having a trained hypnotist help you work through the problem.

If money is a major factor then going with someone trained is going to be a bit expensive so the self method is one that is preferred to be used by those who are struggling with money or just want to try it out at first. Using the audio files (or script as it is now available) you are getting your brain to recreate experiences so that you can actually go onto urinating in public.

These self help books are available online and can be found on major book sites as Amazon, however when purchasing one make sure that you look through the reviews of the book as some of the stuff on there may not actually work as well as you would like it too. Looking at reviews is important to see what is working so far and what isn’t. This will end up saving you money in the long run rather than wasting it on multiple products that don’t work for you.

When it comes down to seeking assistance you are more likely going to get a higher success as many will have a high 80%+ success rate due to the fact that they will be able to find the underlying secret that is causing your paruresis.

The experience is a relaxing one and for those skeptical about it nothing bad will happen during the procedure, the hypnotherapist will just look at underlying problems as part of this paruresis treatment that may be causing this and from there will work onto trying to change the way you thing so that you will be able to urinate back in the public toilets at work/school once again instead of hesitating or even going home to urinate which will be a relief for many of you I’m sure.

If hypnosis simply isn’t your thing there are other paruresis treatment methods that you can go through to help you overcome your problem, not everything works for everyone so don’t worry if this doesn’t work or appeal to you. You can also find a lot more information on our blog; tips, information and even a free report which doesn’t require and sign up just instant download to help overcome your paruresis.