Take Care of You

Take Care of You

Taking care of yourself may seem like a full-time job, but with some daily cleansing, it can be made easy. Like
a delicate flower, a person must be nurtured and taken care of. Sometimes you will need to do this job for
yourself. Just follow these steps.

Wash yourself with a great smelling soap in your favorite scent like strawberry or cookies and cream. Wash your
hair with a great smelling shampoo / conditioner for your hair-type. Clean out your ears. Comb your hair, brush
your teeth, trim your nails, and paint your toes if you want. Wash your face and put on less make-up than you
usually would. Clothe yourself in the shirts and pants that make you feel your best. Pick out at least 14 outfits
that make you feel good. Go to seven if your closet is not that big.

Taking care of you means on the inside too. Be nice to other people. Be nice to others who are different than
you, you might make connections and good networks with people. Stand up for you but be tactful, and not aggressive.
Being a diplomatic person is always good. Even if people are mean to you or want you to go away, always be nice to
them no matter what. You will also make friends this way too .Eat healthy stuff like fruit and drink lots of water.
This will keep you healthy too.

Get enough sleep. Sleep must be stressed. Nobody wants bags under their eyes! Always do your homework, it’s the
most important thing you can do in your whole day. If your grades are up, you are likely to be happier, and have
less anxiety. You will always be prepared for the teacher’s lesson – that’s what homework is for.

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