Stop Popping Zits

Stop Popping Zits

When you get a impulsive break out or a massive pimple on your face, you may feel the urge to pop it. The option
of popping pimples is always up to you, but it may not be the best choice to make. Wear gloves around the house. It
will make it harder for you to pop a pimple, and it keeps your finger oils from getting on your face. This is great
for if you touch your face a lot, and it will keep dirt off your face.

Do some research on the Internet and look at ads in magazines to discover which treatment you think will work
best for you. You may also want to consider asking your friends and family members who have had pimples what
treatment worked the best for them. Realize that by popping your pimples, they will probably bleed and form scabs.
If you choose to pick at these scabs, scars will continue to erupt across your face.

Try to disguise your pimples in a way that looks natural. You may also want to check on the Internet and
magazines for some cover-up for your type of skin. Look at multiple stores for the best brand and price. However,
know that cheapest doesn’t always mean the best quality. Make sure that the cover-up you choose won’t add more
bacteria to your pores, because bacteria is usually the main reason that pimples appear.

Keep your hands busy. Always try to be doing something that you can be concentrated on. The goal is to avoid
thinking about the pimples on your face, for if you aren’t thinking about them, you will probably not pop them.
Some things to try may be reading, cross-word puzzles, hand held games, or anything else that is portable and you
seem to enjoy.

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