Stop Cracking Knuckles

Stop Cracking Knuckles

Cracking knuckles creates irritating noise and can lead to joint problems.
It mainly results from nervous disorders but a lot of people do it as habit and turn into addiction. Since stress
causes a nervous habit to identifying the source of the stress is the primary step in dealing with the habit.

Since knuckle cracking is a subconscious nervous symptom, Most of the time people are don’t even know they are
cracking their knuckles until somebody informs them. You have to make the snowball effect going. Stop cracking your
knuckles for a given period of time and the, increase the amount little by little. You need to reward yourself if
you reach specific goals set by you.

One commonly used method is to wrap a rubber band around your wrist. When intend to crack your knuckles pull
back on the rubber band and release. The pain it will cause can prevent you from cracking. A hypnosis session can
help you to give up the bad habit of knuckle cracking. You can practice hand stretches. Stretching the fingers and
hand can remove the painful habit of cracking. These stretches can improve g strength of the finger, coordination,
manual dexterity etc.

Calcium supplement can cure joint discomfort, which is a major reason behind cracking. Having calcium will help
repair the joints. You can divert your habit by doing something else to do. There are several fun acts like
twirling a pen or a coin through, over, and around the fingers which itself is joy to watch. Creating habits that
involve both the hands can do the trick such as writing, playing play stations, crafts etc. Be aware of the adverse
effects knuckle cracking has. Some of the results that are seen are poor hand strength, pain in fingers, damaged
hand’s ligaments.

Luckily, this topic can be significantly improved with hypnotherapy
and clinical hypnosis.

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