Shy Bladder Paruresis

Shy Bladder – Paruresis

Shy bladder is common phenomenon which is described by a condition where people tend to avoid public places for
toilet even though they need it badly. It is also used to describe someone the scenario of those people having same
problems which they face on an ongoing vehicle such as a bus or a train. Sometimes it also affects people when they
are at relatives? home. These problems mainly deal with psychological part and the sufferer has to believe it
firmly that it has to nothing to do psychical aspects. It deals with the problem of continuous thinking of getting

The problem can be triggered by past trauma for example being harassed, teased by the classmates at teen age
leaves a scar in the mind which later trigger fear during using a public toilet. The sense of getting embarrassed
again keeps wandering in the mind of the individual when he or she wishes to use the public toilet. The fear
triumphs over the necessity. Sometimes this sense of isolation affects other parts of life significantly and it
sometimes spreads the fear of getting embarrassed. It may lead them to further stress and anxiety.

It is very important to have proper treatment of this kind problem as early as possible. As this is normally an
embarrassing situation, people are less likely to share it with others or even doctors. But people have to break
the shackles and get themselves out of the cocoon. As it is psychological aspect, various kinds of mental
procedures will be helpful ones for it. Gradual exposure therapy may appear to be really effective in this case. By
this a person can use public toilet by keeping the friend in a suitable distance and starts to think that, he or
she is quite alone. If a person can do it recurrently then he or she will overcome the problem very soon.

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