Poor Circulation

Poor Circulation

Poor Circulation is characterized the insufficiency of blood stream to a particular area of the body which
results in much lesser oxygen being transported to that portion. The term poor circulation is also refers to
peripheral vascular disease which describes a physical state that is being developed when the arteries supplying
blood turns out to be totally or partially blocked and this blockage is considered to be a consequence of
atherosclerosis. The arteries which are affected normally supply blood to the arms, legs and internal organs

The problem of poor circulation can be elicited by a number of reasons, such as-free drastic damage in
circulatory system, acid poisoning within body and shortage of proper nutrition. When a person does not assimilate
sufficient natural vitamins, essential fatty acids amino acids, and minerals into the veins, blood vessels and
capillaries, it causes break down which results in poor circulation of blood. The typical location of the symptoms
starts in the feet and hands. The core symptom regarding these locations is lack of feeling, considerable amount of
change in the color of skin and cramping. Other common symptoms of poor circulation are lack of stamina, lower
energy level and inconsistent breathing.

There are a number of ways in overcoming poor blood circulation. Most of the treatments depend on the patient’s
life style. To get rid of this, a patient has to ensure a balanced diet. He or she has to reduce the amount of fat
consumption and come up with a healthier diet. Some patients do the mistake of becoming inactive. They have to keep
themselves active as much as possible. They also have to reduce the stress level which can be done through typical
relaxation processes. Smoking has to be completely stopped. Regular consultation with an expert is also important
in easing the affects of poor blood circulation.

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