Overcome PMS

Overcome Pms

PMS stands for Premenstrual Syndrome which means a pool of signs experienced by women before several days of
starting of menstruation. It normally takes place before ten or fourteen days of menstruation. The symptoms of this
PMS are both psychological and physical. The core symptoms include bloating, irritability, water retention,
headache, pelvic pressure or cramping, consistent mood swings, weight gain, food cravings, breast swelling and
difficulties in concentrating. Other that these, there are a lot of symptoms for PMS. The exact cause of PMS is yet
to be revealed. There are also fluctuations in symptoms as some have severe ones, in the meantime some experience
mild ones.

There are number of ways to get rid of PMS. But at first the symptoms have to be observed carefully because the
process of cure depends on this. Most often it is seen that, PMS cause women an utter distress and their daily life
is crippled by this. They sometimes make themselves isolated just to hide the problem. So the cure has to be done
both mentally and psychically. The medical treatment of PMS is consisted of a program named Aqueous Progesterone
Suppositories. After many years of research it has been to be successful one.

The psychiatric treatments are the important and relatively effective ones to overcome PMS. It is the best
option to relax during this scenario. To relax a woman can take deep breath and try to make the mind stable. She
should motivate herself to set a belief that nothing has happened to her. Friends and family can also be helpful
sources of motivation. She should not isolate herself as it worsens the whole situation. She should share her
mental condition with near ones. Besides these, a woman suffering from PMS needs to be stay clean and have a
balanced diet because it will ensure a healthy life style which alleviates the affects of PMS.

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