Natural Herpes Treatment

Natural Herpes Treatment

Herpes can be termed as both a virus and group of viruses which tend to cause cold sores, genital infections and
also fever blisters. There are mainly two of types of herpes, Herpes simplex 1 or HPV-1 and Herpes simplex 2
orHPV-2. In the initial stage, there can be burning and tingling which is all in lip area. The herpes can also
outbreak in the genital areas and in the fingers. There is another symptom of this which is painful urination. The
treatment of herpes can be done both artificially and naturally. The artificial ones are not that much effective
and these might have several side effects. And another big problem regarding these is, artificial ones are not
available in abundant. So it is better to stick with the natural ones.

Natural treatment of herpes has to be done based on the affected area. But the generally there are some common
procedures of this. For example, placing the ice bag in the affected place and keep it for two or three minutes.
You can also take a warm bath on a regular basis, which will help you to ease the herpes. Besides ice bags, you can
also apply cool tea bags onto the affected area.

You also need to focus on one aspect that, the herpes has to be prevented from outbreak. Studies have shown
that, in some cases consumption of caffeine helps to prevent the outbreak of herpes. But it is only limited with
HSV-2, the HSV-1 may not show effective result in this. Aside from caffeine, some other natural stuff can alleviate
the impact of herpes to some extent. These natural elements include, Melissa, tea tree oil, Echinacea and Aloe
Vera. But before apply these, you should consult with the experts, otherwise it can cause some serious side

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