Mri Scan Anxiety

Mri Scan Anxiety

MRI stands for Magnetic resonance imaging which is a sort of scan that is used to analyze health conditions
affecting organs, tissue, muscles and bone. The process of the whole MRI scan can cause anxiety to many people as
the whole process is very much sensitive. You have to keep yourself still for almost twenty to sixty minute, during
this time you can not move an inch. To get the best result you have to be calm and relaxed. But when you start
thinking about the process and the whole thing, it becomes difficult for you to be relaxed and that is where all
the anxieties start to pop in.

To get rid of this kind of situation you have to mentally prepare yourself earlier. You can pursue the following
methods to have control over the anxieties. Sometimes the anxiety starts with rumor that MRI is very risky and it
so sophisticated that any kind of small mistake it can lead you to death. All these rumors have to be abolished
from your mind. You can do it by talking with the technologist who is doing the MRI as he/she will give vivid idea
about the whole process. You can keep yourself relaxed by distracting your mind from the MRI. You can do it by
diverge your thinking or by listening to music in your mp3 player.

You have to reduce the caffeine and sugar level before taking the MRI as both of these trigger anxiety in you.
You can reduce it by keeping yourself away from these for five or six years earlier before the MRI. You can also
take help of hypnotherapy and all other relaxing process. So far these are proved to be quite effective ones. You
have to keep in mind that, MRI is not a risky process and partially it is up to us to make the process

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