Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS which is also known as spastic colon is a problem of distress, bloating and
abdominal pain which is caused for the absence of any noticeable organism reason.

Irritable bowel syndrome can be classified into three parts. These are diarrhea or IBS-D, next one is
constipation predominant or IBS-C. This is also known as IBS with alter the stool pattern or IBS-A. Sometimes it is
also classified as the infection reason. Different types of infection illness like fever, stool culture and
vomiting. Sometimes these infection can be shown differently actually before the infection or result of infection.
That is called post-infection IBS or IBS-PI.

There are many types of symptoms are available to of this problem. The very primary type of symptoms is
abdominal pain. These primary symptoms are the cause of discomfort association with regular constipation, a change
in bowel habit. There are some other symptoms of this problem is available and those are depression and

Different types of infection are the main causes of this problem. There are several things are available which
are the main cause of this problem. These are rifaximin, intestinal flora, protozoal. There is a single cell
organism also making this problem and that is blastocustis. Blastocustis is quite different than others. The reason
is when a person is affected by blastocustis then the victim will not recover by the normal treatment.

Now to recover from this problem there are different types of solving things are available. But before of that a
person must need to what the things or what problem is really happen that will help to recognize which treatment is
needed. In most of the abdominal problem surgery is very important to do. Some other ways are available to solve
this problem mentally. Like meditation, diet etc.

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